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Featured Athletes



Timothy McGrath, Jr

Age: 42

Hobbies: Husband, Father, Ironman

Sport:  Triathlon

I love the hard work, the freedom of being on a bike, on a run, or in the water, as well as the camaraderie and competition in the sport. Competing and training helps me learn about racing, life, and setting and attaining goals.

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Ryan McClymonds

Age: 33

Hobbies: Triathlete

Sport: Triathlon

I completed my first sprint triathlon in the summer of 2009 and was hooked and I immediately signed up for a half-Ironman later that summer. After completing that race, I secured Craig Culver to coach me to my first Ironman completion in 2010.

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Kiiri Tietjens

Age: 38

Hobbies: SwimmingTriathlete, 

 Sport:  Triathlon

When I joined the local master’s swim team, I was reintroduced to Craig. Actually, I had known him as a child when I was just starting my swimming career. After some encouragement from my fellow teammates…

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Dana Wagner

Age: 33

Hobbies: Triathlete, Runner

Sport:  Triathlon

I began my training with Craig in August of 2014. I learned very quickly after my first triathlon that I needed a LOT of help with my swimming technique so I enlisted the expertise of Craig. My swimming has improved dramatically…

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Matthew Glenn

Age: 33

Hobbies: Running, Triathlon

Sport:  Triathlon, Ultra Running

Right after college, I was looking for a way to be active and competitive at the same time. I took up running and in 2008 finished my first marathon, which was Chicago. After that I enjoyed running but wanted to do something along…

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Lily Frank

Age: 13

Hobbies: Running

Sport: Cross Country

 I started running when I was in first grade. School was stressful and it helped me to relax. Soon I realized it was something I was naturally good at. When I started training with Molly, it was difficult at first, I had only run with other kids my age…

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Nicole Cartier

Age: 40

Hobbies: SwimmingTriathlons

Sport: Triathlon

I have known Craig Culver for many years. He has always been a well known swim coach in the area. Yes, I grew up swimming as an age grouper, but I have to be honest, I really wasn’t an enthusiast at a young age. I was a gymnast and a…

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Jason Houser

Age: 32

Hobbies: Triathlon

Sport: Triathlon

Jason Houser enters his second (2015 and 2016) year as a member of the Culvertraining Racing Team. Jason completed a successful 2015 season including a top 3 age group finish at the Manteno, IL Triathlon and completing his first full Ironman in Louisville, KY…

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Matt_profile-picMatt Brooks

Age: 33

Hobbies: Husband, Dad, HS Math Teacher and XC Coach, love to read and learn.

Sport: Ultra Runner

Competitive Spirit: I like to compete to raise awareness for the National MS Foundation and for my Mom who was diagnosed in her mid to late 20s. I like to push my body to the limits as many people do each and every day fighting their own battles. I also enjoy competing because I am an extremely…

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Molly Culver

Age: 25

Hobbies: Running, Swimming

 Sport:  Running

Molly Culver, former NCAA collegiate swimmer and Illinois High School Association state swimming and badminton qualifier, 3 time Wisconsin North Face Endurance Challenge 50 mile run Women’s winner 2013, 2014 (Course Record Established), and 2015, California North Face…

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Craig Culver

Age: 57

Hobbies: TriathlonsSwimming, Cycling, Running

 Sport:  Triathlons

Craig Culver, former NCAA collegiate swimmer and high school swimming coach, certified USMS masters swimming coach, American Swimming Coaches Association Swim Coach, 1985 and 2015 United States Triathlon National Championship qualifier, 3 time Ironman Finisher including Hawaii Ironman® World Championship Finisher…

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Dan_profile-picDan Combs

Age: 45

Hobbies: Swimming, CyclingTriathlete, 

 Sport:  Triathlon

Dan, a former high school varsity swimmer, recently returned to the sport of swimming after a 25 year layoff to take on the sport of triathlon in 2015. A successful sprint athlete has set his target on the ultimate in distance triathlon races in 2016-an IRONMAN 140.6 in 2016.

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Kelly Jensen

Age: 40

Hobbies: Triathlete, Swimming, Running

Sport:  Triathlon, Swimming, Running

Kelly Jensen, former varsity swimmer and team captain, mother of 3 and hard working triathlete has set her sights on a great finish at this years Chicago Olympic Triathlon. Follower Kelly as she steps up her training in pursuit of her personal best this year and an IRONMAN finish in 2017!

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Sarah Reinking

Age: 27

Hobbies: Running, Soccer

 Sport:  Triathlon

Sarah Reinking, has a rich Athletic career having competed in soccer for over 23 years as a 3 year old age group player through her accomplished NCAA collegiate soccer carrier at St. Louis University. Sarah also played basketball in high school and ran cross country in grade school and high school. Recent taking on the sport of Triathlon, Sarah has a 70.1 Ironman finish to her athletic accomplishments.

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Teri Boudreau

Age: 57

Hobbies:  Swimming, Cycling and Running

 Sport:  Triathlon

Teri Boudreau, has several accomplishments to her name, placing 1st in her age group at the 2015 Manteno, IL Triathlon and placing 2nd in her age group at the Chicago, IL Triathlon. Teri is focused on improving her overall performance during 2017 with participation in several local triathlons.

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Katie NeshekKatie Neshek

Age: 26

Hobbies:  Running, Climbing, Dog Sled Competition, Hiking, Animal Care

 Sport:  Ultra Running

Katie Neshek, is truly an outdoors woman! Having scaled mountains rock climbing, competing in dog sled racing, and now taking on running ultra marathons. Stay tuned for more successful accomplishments from Katie!

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