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Author: Craig Culver

15 Aug With The Correct Training Anything Can Be Possible – MOLLY CULVER

With The Correct Training Anything Can Be Possible by Henry Howard on July 30, 2016 in Guest Perspective, Interview, Ultramarathon MOLLYCULVERRUNNING Collegiate swimmer Molly Culver needed a new challenge and took up ultra running. She won her first ultra, the North Face ECS in Wisconsin, and returns this year. By Henry Howard When work and home commitments collided...

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08 Mar Coming Soon – New Training and Coaching Plans!

Online Training Plans Culvertraining© Coaches offer structured swimming, cycling, running and triathlon training plans, schedules and training workouts. Culvertraining athletes have achieved measurable improvement per their prescribed plan. Training plans include: Workouts- daily swimming, cycling and/or running workouts; periodization- primary workout intensity levels; Instruction- direction on...

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