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Author: Megan Frank


22 Apr Chiropractic and Sports Performance

        Chiropractic for increased sports performance is a perfect combination. Most professional and many amateur athletes utilize chiropractic to give them an added edge over their competitors. What chiropractic offers is a more balanced frame (skeletal & joint), better balanced musculature system that prevents fatigue during...

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18 Feb Triathlon Open Water Swim Clinic – May 30, 2015

CLINIC: Open Water Swimming DATE: May 30, 2015 TIME: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM LOCATION: Manteno Sportsman’s Club – Manteno Lake, Manteno, IL FEE: FREE to Kankakee Triathlon members only LEVEL: Beginner to Advanced INSTRUCTOR: Craig Culver Most Triathletes find the swim portion of the race to be the hardest, not because it...

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02 Feb Triathlon Transition Setups

HELPFUL TIPS for preparing for your swim to bike and bike to run transitions. Brick Training Hydration Training Once you set up your equipment go to the swim area and run to the transition to get a mental layout of where your bike is located, as well as...

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30 Jan Beginner Triathlon Swim Tips

Most Triathletes find the swim portion of the race to be the hardest, not because it is so much more physically difficult, but because it is the most unnatural. It also happens to be the most dangerous part due to the very real possibility of...

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