Culver Training | Triathlon Transition Setups
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Triathlon Transition Setups

02 Feb Triathlon Transition Setups

HELPFUL TIPS for preparing for your swim to bike and bike to run transitions.

  • Brick Training
  • Hydration Training
  • Once you set up your equipment go to the swim area and run to the transition to get a mental layout of where your bike is located, as well as running to your bike from the BIKE IN area
  • Layout all your equipment ahead of time
  • Practice your transition setup
  • You may be assigned a spot to “rack your bike” or you can pick your own.
  • Be aware of the RUN IN/OUT area and the BIKE IN/OUT area to see which way you want to run/bike to these areas.
  • Transitional areas usually close before the triathlon so make sure you have any equipment, hydration or food needed before leaving
  • Go over the information in your packet of time transition opens/closes, where to put your number on your helmet, bike, etc
  • You are not allowed to ride your bike inside the transition area so allow some time to ride your bike, making sure you are in an easy gear to start the bike part of the triathlon.
  • Practice running with your bike, especially after a training run.


HELPFUL LIST of items to have in each transition area and for the finish.


  • Tri Suit/Swim Suit, Wetsuit, Goggles, Swim Cap (will be provided for you), Body Glide/Vaseline, Towel



  • Bike Shoes, Socks, Helmet, Sunglasses, Hydration, Water, Top



  • Shoes, Socks, Hat/Visor, IPod, Hydration/Water



  • Tub of Water, Bike Pump, Bike Rack Marking (balloon, chalk, towel, etc), Sunscreen, Baby Powder, Racebelt/Pins for number, Pre Race Food/Hydration, Water, Post Race Food/Hydration, Heart Monitors, Watch, Pre Race Clothing, Post Clothes (Check in bag or give to someone waiting for you).