Culver Training | Lily Frank
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Lily Frank

Lily Frank

Age: 12

Hobbies: Running

Sport: Cross Country


Why do I compete:

I really just like to run for fun and to relax – racing makes me nervous, but it’s fun to win!


Racing goals:

To win or at least to beat my own best time.


Best day in Running:

When I got my PR of 6:08 mile time at age 11.

I think running started out being therapeutic for Lily, but once she discovered how good she was at it, it became a passion. Ever since she ran that first lap, I knew she had it.  Her stride was amazing and running looked so easy for her! Again, I really believe she can have great success in this sport so keep up the great work! – Jonathan Guyre, Coach, Reed Elementary and Ladue High School


Favorite discipline:



Other interests:

Basketball, soccer, photography, painting, architecture/interior design and creative writing.


Coach Molly Culver testimonial:

I started running when I was in first grade. School was stressful and it helped me to relax. Soon I realized it was something I was naturally good at. When I started training with Molly, it was difficult at first, I had only run with other kids my age for CYC and St. Louis Blazers Track Club. Having an elite runner as my personal trainer was HARD CORE! But she has built my endurance and now I can keep up with her – most of the time!