Culver Training | Timothy McGrath, Jr
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Timothy McGrath, Jr

bio-pic_testTimothy McGrath, Jr

Age: 43

Hobbies: Husband, Father, Ironman

Sport: Triathlon, 2-time Ironman Finisher


Why do I compete: I love the hard work, the freedom of being on a bike, on a run, or in the water, as well as the camaraderie and competition in the sport. Competing and training helps me learn about racing, life, and setting and attaining goals.


Racing goals: To get stronger and faster overall. To continue to improve, learn, and to see how far I can go. To work with friends and teammates, and accomplish things I never thought possible.


Best day in triathlon: Finishing IM Louisville in 2013 and 2015.


Favorite discipline: Bike

Other interests: Being with my family, long rides with my son(s), reading, Bux with my buddies, growing a gnarly beard, craft beer


Best advice for newbies: Learn what you can about your desired sport(s). Have fun but always work hard. Seek direction from a local coach and mentors, find a club to join, travel to races with people, and enjoy the process of becoming a better athlete. Don’t live in disappointment. Others may be stronger and faster but let no one outwork you.


Coach Craig Culver testimonial:


It’s a real pleasure and honor being able to train with Craig. He’s a great athlete and his accomplishments and history in the sport are inspiring and impressive to say the least. He’s a positive force with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Craig really gets to know and understand his athlete(s) and builds specific plans accordingly. If you have a goal, he will provide the guidance and training to get you there. Craig’s training, and performance tests along the way, brought me to another level and showed me just what a good plan and hard work can do. I look forward to continued training with him and am more than anxious to see where it takes me.


~ Tim McGrath, Jr