Culver Training | Chiropractic and Sports Performance
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Chiropractic and Sports Performance

22 Apr Chiropractic and Sports Performance






Chiropractic for increased sports performance is a perfect combination. Most professional and many amateur athletes utilize chiropractic to give them an added edge over their competitors. What chiropractic offers is a more balanced frame (skeletal & joint), better balanced musculature system that prevents fatigue during athletic activities and, most important, a better functioning and balanced nervous system. Any physical performance (functional demand) on the body is controlled and regulated through the nervous system. You are, therefore, a more efficient athlete with chiropractic care. Our office offers computerized functional (neurological) scans and a wellness evaluation to determine if you are functioning at a high level of efficiency or if there is interference present in the functioning of one or more body systems. For more information visit our Culvertraining Racing Team sponsor Van Dehey Chiropractic today!