Culver Training | Dan Combs
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Dan Combs

Name & Nickname? Dan Combs


Birthday? 4/21/1971


Event you are excited about in 2016, and why? IRONMAN Wisconsin 140.6 Triathlon


Best Day in Triathlon? 2015! This was my first year in the sport of Triathlon, so they were all good! I’m proud of my recent distance cycling events- 2014: 178 miles in 13 hours and 2015: 165 miles in 9 hours.


Favorite Sport? Cycling


Why do I compete? I enjoy the environment surrounding an event; I love the nervousness and excitement. The challenge of seeing how far I can push my mind and body. I also like to show my daughter that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to do.


Racing goals (2016 and future): I hope to improve my finish in the Manteno, Illinois Sprint Triathlon and finish IRONMAN Wisconsin 140.6 in 2016.