Culver Training | Kelly Jensen
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Kelly Jensen



Name & Nickname? Kelly Jensen


Birthday? 10/27/1975


I believe in? Hard Work!


Event you are excited about in 2016, and why? Chicago Olympic Triathlon


Proudest accomplishment, Athletic? Illinois Half Marathon Personal Record of 1:37:00 and 1st in Age Group


Proudest accomplishment, non-Athletic? Relationships with my 3 amazing children: Owen (20), Madeline (17) and Emily (17) and an amazing boyfriend: Brandon


Motivational Mantra? “Action Conquers Fear”


Favorite Place? Anywhere as long as I am in water


If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Superhuman Speed


Why choose Culvertraining? Craig has been my masters swim coach for almost 2 years and has been a great positive influence in my training. I’m looking to him and culver training to take my triathlon performance to the next level


Anything else you want the people to knowVarsity high school swimmer and team captain. Competing in Swimming, Running, Triathlon, etc., for over 19 years


Racing goals (2016 and future): Several sprint and olympic triathlons during 2016 and an IRONMAN 140.6 in 2017